Is Cheating Healthy For A Relationship?

It is not unusual for people to consider infidelity. This is true even with people who are in committed relationships. While you may deeply in love with your partner, it is quite possible that something is missing from your relationship.

After all, what are the chances that you find someone who is perfectly in line with your mental, emotional, and sexual needs? The probability of this happening is quite rare. So, it is natural to be tempted by someone who appeals to a certain unfulfilled part of you. Sites like can provide a discreet service where you can find like-minded people for an affair.

However, the question remains – what will cheating do to your relationship? Or, most importantly, can cheating ever be healthy for your relationship? You can find the answers here.

Why Are You Thinking of Cheating?

There are a number of reasons that people cheat. In many instances, the temptation to cheat or the actual act of infidelity itself is a sign that something is fundamentally wrong with the relationship. In many cases, people feel frustrated with their current relationship and try to find what they are missing with someone else.

These missing “pieces” can be anything. It could be a lack of sex, attention, validation, compatibility, or a combination of these factors. In these instances, people feel as though they are “driven” to be unfaithful to their partners.

Then there are those individuals who are simply looking for something new, exciting, or different. They are tired of their current life and want to switch things up. Others cheat as a form of sabotage – they want to end the relationship but aren’t sure how to do it.

Some partners just don’t think things through. They act in the heat of the moment and don’t really consider the consequences – until it is too late. In some cases, there are individuals who are unfaithful simply because the opportunity presents itself. This often ties into feeling they are desirable once again.

What are the Consequences of Cheating?

To begin with, let’s consider what happens when you are unfaithful. Well, perhaps the most significant change is that you are breaking the trust that existed between you and your partner. Keep in mind, when you enter a committed relationship with someone else, it is an unspoken pact that you will remain with your partner and no one else. On this basis alone, they trust you to be faithful.

Once your affair is made known, this conviction doesn’t exist any longer. However, it isn’t just a case of broken trust. This sense of betrayal leads to other issues. For instance, a lack of confidence in a partner will also result in a loss of physical and emotional intimacy.

Furthermore, the aggrieved partner will also experience mostly negative emotions. After all, they are likely to feel hurt, angry, resentful, sad, and perhaps even a little jealous. As you can imagine, these powerful emotions will not fade away anytime soon.

Also, your partner will be a lot less certain in your relationship. And, this doesn’t just include your current status or what you might be in the future. No, your partner will begin to question what your past relationship was like as well. This is because they will be desperately looking for red flags or signs of where things started to go downhill.

Last, but certainly not least, you will make your partner feel insecure. This is because most people – when they have been cheated on – will wonder why they weren’t good enough. They will try to figure out what was lacking in them that led you to be unfaithful.

Are There Any Positive Outcomes?

All the consequences mentioned above are negative. However, are there any positive outcomes if you were to be unfaithful? Well, it is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, there are some couples who are able to work things out with one another.

In some instances, couples accept that the infidelity occurred due to a huge issue in their relationship. They may then decide to work on their relationship and fix what is broken. Of course, this can often take months and years and requires quite a bit of counseling. Even then, the marriage or partnership will have fundamentally changed.

Despite this possibility of a positive outcome, you should never consider cheating as a solution. This is especially true since there is no guarantee that your partner will want to work on your relationship after you have broken their trust.

It is a much healthier option to simply address your relationship concerns head-on. You will then be able to work on the issues without hurting one another. In turn, this increases the chances of your relationship becoming stronger.

So, to answer your question cheating is rarely – if ever – healthy for a relationship. More often than not, it signals the end of a relationship rather than a new beginning. Thus if you are hoping for a positive outcome, you should think again.

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