You have to be a paid member to look at albums on profiles.
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Benaughty allows its users to use its interface like a social media platform. Because of this, users can add a myriad of photos, even making albums for the public to see.


Lots of match opportunities

Well-designed site

Free features

Safe and secure


Can take time to earn coins

If you’re not looking for a serious relationship, many of the dating sites on the market aren’t for you. Instead, you need to use a site like Benaughty as it’s made for casual hookups. So, if you’re looking to be a little ‘naughty, or looking to have an affair keep reading as we’ll be going through some of the major things you have to know about the site.

It’s Free?

If you’re a woman, you’d love Benaughty as it’s free for you. This isn’t the case for men as they have to pay for a membership.

Being a woman on the site is beneficial as it allows you to send messages and contact as many people as you like. As you can imagine, you cant enjoy such a feature if you’re a man and haven’t subscribed to them yet.

If you are going to subscribe, know that it’ll be expensive.

It Has A Large User Base

If you’re looking for many options, you’ll love having a Benaughty membership as It boasts an incredibly large userbase. This would help you get the most bang for your buck and find the right person. Although great, there is a major flaw with its userbase.

This is as it is almost completely women, reaching 70%. If you’re a heterosexual woman or a gay man, this is disappointing for you, making the site almost useless.

What’s more, the large population consists of women mainly from the United States, limiting your options even further.

Signing Up Is Easy

Like many of its competitors, signing up for a Benaughty account is easy. It requires you to fill out basic information like where you’re from and physical features. Of course, you’ll have to add a picture of yourself.

The picture you add must not be copied as if it’s someone else, your access would be restricted. This is great when limiting catfishing.

However, a lot of dating sites and interfaces similar to this one let their users get away with not adding a profile picture. Thus, they get to maintain their privacy- some of these sites include .

The site is very restrictive as it passes your account through standardization, ensuring you’re fit enough to be a member of their community. Unfortunately, many say that this is a pain as they reject profiles at random, even if there’s nothing wrong with them.

Who Are You Looking At?

Benaughty allows its users to use its interface like a social media platform. Because of this, users can add a myriad of photos, even making albums for the public to see.

You may want others to see what you’re up to but they cant if they’re not a member. Only full members, be it male or female can go through photo albums. Otherwise, all you’ll be able to see is their profile picture.

This is a disadvantage that many dating sites don’t offer. So, you may consider another site if you’re looking for a casual hookup like instead.

It’s Easy To Use

It is a trend in the dating site game to have an easy to use website. So, this is the case with as it offers a smooth experience for its users.

The smoothness translates from website to app as well. What’s more, many say that its app works better than its computer counterpart. And pictures look much clearer on it. With this information in mind, you’ll see depending on the device you use, your access to is restricted.

It’s Safe To Use

You need to work with a site that’s known to be very safe. As you can imagine, you have a myriad of sensitive information on Benaughty so heavy encryption is vital. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as professionals have deemed its interface as not the most secure.

Cybersecurity is very important, especially with the information you may have shared on such a site which is why you’ll need to be careful about it, avoiding it for a safer counterpart like


As we’ve run through everything you need to know, you would have seen there are countless things to consider when deciding whether Benaughty is worth your time or not. Let’s summarize the major points we’ve discussed below:


  • Large userbase
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Signing up is easy
  • Signing up is strict- so catfishing is limited
  • It’s free for women


  • Most of their users are women
  • Expensive for men
  • You have to be a paid member to look at albums on profiles
  • The app performs better than the PC version
  • Its site isn’t the more secure

Hopefully, the above points helped you come to a conclusion. If you have, you’ll see that using Benaughty for hookups is a good choice. If not, there are countless other sites for you to choose from including, offering better services.

Be Naughty
Expensive for men
The app performs better than the PC version.
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Sign Up Process
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Profile Quality
2.5 Overall Rating
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