Votre guide pour avoir une liaison au Royaume-Uni - 6 choses à garder à l'esprit

Having an affair in the UK is quite easy. It’s one of the best places you could hook up with someone. Whether you’ve just moved there or have lived there for some time, you might be wondering how to successfully have an affair in the country. There are several things to consider. So let’s look at some of them below.

Online Dating Is Key

If you’ve ever dated a Brit before, you’d know how popular the online world is here. In other countries, meeting someone from a dating site is common, but it can’t beat how widespread it is in the UK. These days, it is not unusual for most couples to meet on dating sites. So you will not find it hard to find a match online either.

Affair dating sites are very common too. If you look through the pool of users, you’ll notice that the majority of them are from the UK. If you’re looking to have an affair with somebody, meeting them on such platforms is a great idea.

As there are so many sites to choose from, be wise with what you choose. Make sure it’s a big name like swipe-affair.com. This would ensure the largest pool of candidates.

If you want a pro tip, find apps and sites for your specific location. There are affair sites for Bristol, Liverpool, Essex, and more.

Brits Love Pubs

The UK has an age-old love affair with pubs. It’s been a part of our history for centuries. We spend a lot of our time in them, so, a pub is a great place to meet someone.

At pubs, we love chatting with others. This will also help you meet someone interesting. Of course, don’t do this at your local pub. People you know might be visiting, which would increase the chances of your partner finding out what you’re up to.

It’s Very No-Strings Attached

Compared to other nationalities, the British don’t catch feelings easily. If you catch feelings for your hook up, you’re going to be in a tight spot. The person you had the affair with won’t feel the same way as you. Chasing them would be a bad move as it would increase your chances of getting caught as well.

To prevent yourself from getting too attached, limit how close you get before the big occasion. Talk to them, but don’t dive into feelings.

We Love Exploring Things

When people say Europeans are adventurous, they aren’t kidding. This is especially true for people in the UK.

You’ll be glad to know that you will have the time of your life with a Brit. We’re known to be sexually free, so prepare for a wild time. Many people who hook up with Brits, whether they’re having an affair or not, are not prepared for how wild we really are.

Get Right to It

Whatever you do, do not beat around the bush. The British are all about getting right to it. Getting to know a hook up will not only get on their nerves, but it’ll increase your chances of catching feelings.

If you want to get to know your date, doing so online would be great. The internet acts as a buffer, preventing things from getting too serious.

Don’t Meet Just Anybody

This isn’t just true for having an affair with a Brit. Wherever you may be, you should vet the person you’re going to sleep with. Remember that the UK has a large population. The chances of you ending up with someone with malicious intentions are high.

They may try and blackmail you, telling your loved one what you’ve been up to. They may also get overly attached, and try to become a part of your life.

How do you know if someone is safe to hook up with? Through dating sites. As mentioned, the internet acts as a great buffer. It lets the two of you get to know each other while preventing the connection from getting too strong.


Having an affair used to be frowned upon. Over time, people’s views on it have changed. They are realizing how suffocating monogamy is.

If you’re in the UK and want to have an affair, there are many people out there. However, you have to keep several things in mind.

To sum things up, you’ll have the best chance of meeting somebody through the internet. Brits love dating sites and apps. There are such sites specially made for Brits. There are also several apps and sites for having affairs – these are the places to be.

When hooking up with someone from the UK, don’t get too attached. Be mindful to not beat around the bush either. We like being direct and honest.

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