How to Have an Affair and Not Get Caught

If you want to have an affair or are in the middle of one, your main goal is to make sure that your partner doesn’t find out. This is easier said than done – after all, you only ever hear about cheaters being found out. So, is there any way for you to escape this fate?

The good news is that there are various steps that you can take to ensure that you will not get caught. However, you do need to follow them carefully to erase any evidence of your affair. On this note, here are the measures that you should be taking:

Use Hookup Sites

One of the benefit of modern dating is that there are plenty of hookup sites for you to choose from. These sites are all about discreet flings, reducing the risk of being found out. Now, make sure to select dating sites and not apps.

With sites, you can log out when you are done and then erase your history. This gets rid of any digital trail. With apps, though, it isn’t as easy as you have to download it onto your phone and your partner can come across the icon at any point.

To add to this, apps are often equipped with various notifications. For instance, you tend to be notified when you have a new match or receive a message. All of these can get your partner curious about what is going on.

When using a dating site, it is important to be as anonymous as possible. This means using a newly created and anonymous email address. Don’t give away your phone number or any other identifying details. If your credit card will be charged, check that the name appearing on the bill is completely innocuous.

Only use your first name or an alias, you may also only want to use pictures with your face blurred out. If you can choose the distance range for potential matches, selecting people from another town or area is a good move.

Don’t Guard Your Digital Devices

One of the main red flags with cheating is that you go out of your way to keep your phone or other digital device away from your partner. You may use an extra layer of security or you may prevent them from checking your phone. This is often a sure sign that you are cheating.

What you should do instead is to make sure that there is nothing on your phone for them to find. This includes phone calls on call logs, text messages, photos, etc. So, make a habit of erasing these.

If you want to go one step, you may want to get a burner phone or a second phone. If you do this, though, remember that you shouldn’t take this phone home where your partner can find it. Instead, keep the phone in your office or somewhere else that you know they won’t come across it.

Keep Communication to a Minimum

If you are on your phone more than you were or if it is clear that you are messaging someone constantly, your partner is going to get suspicious. This is why you should create a schedule for when you are going to text people that you want to hook up with.

This could be during your lunch hour or after your partner goes to sleep. Just make sure that it is at a time that you won’t get caught out. You should also avoid communicating across too many platforms. Just stick to one. This way, you only have to worry about erasing messages from one app.

Behave Like You Are Being Watched

If you are having an affair in your hometown, it is important to act like you are being watched at all times. This is because you can never tell when your partner, a mutual friend, or some other acquaintance may see what you are up to. If you do anything too suspicious or that can’t be explained away, you will end up in hot water.

This is why you should avoid being seen together when you are in public. Always take separate cars and try to limit how much you walk together. For instance, although it may seem chivalrous, don’t make the mistake of walking your fling to their car.

If you do have to be in the same place together, don’t display any affection towards your paramour. This includes holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc. Instead, maintain a respectful distance much like you would with a friend that you don’t know well or even a colleague.

Keep Your Lies Simple

You will probably have to tell your share of lies to explain your absences. The trick is to keep the lie believable and one that is easy to remember. For instance, don’t lie about working late if this doesn’t make sense for the kind of job that you do.

You should also not create any complex scenarios with lots of details. It may seem that adding detail will make your story appear more conceivable. However, all that you are doing is leaving yourself open to tripping up and getting certain things wrong about your story.

Be Mindful of Your Behavior

When you do begin to have an affair, it is only natural for your behavior to change. You may be happier or you may feel guilty. It is possible for you to cut out physical intimacy with your partner or to avoid them in other ways.

It is important to remember that any changes in your behavior is going to be seen as a warning sign. This is why you should always watch how you act. It doesn’t matter if you want to be more negative or positive – don’t change the way that you act.

This is especially true if you are feeling guilty and want to make up for it with flowers, being displays of affection, or fancy dates. If this isn’t something that you normally do, your partner is going to wonder what is up. So, stick to your normal routine.

These are the top ways that you can have an affair and not get caught. Pay attention to what you have been taught here and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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