How to Find Casual Relationships Online Without Being “That Guy”

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a casual relationship or a fling with someone. In fact, for many people this is becoming a way of life. Most people are focused on their careers or other elements of their life and aren’t ready to be tied down in a long term relationship.

Despite how common this situation is, many people – men, especially – can find it difficult to find others who are looking for flings. Unfortunately, this is because most women have had bad experiences with other men who just didn’t know how to behave on dating sites or apps.

Now, if you would like to set yourself apart from these people and increase your chances of finding the right fling for you, here is what you should do:

Set Up Shop on the Right Site

To a certain extent, all dating apps and sites can feel a bit like hookup spots. However, this isn’t necessary the case. As online dating has become more normalized, plenty of people are looking for their significant others on such sites. Due to this, you need to be careful that you don’t end up on a site that focuses on long-term relationships.

Instead, sign up for one like – as the name lets you know, this is a site for where most people are looking for something quick and convenient. This reduces the chance of only finding women that want serious relationships. Rather, you are more likely to come across for those that are looking for a minimal amount of attachment.

Attract the Right Kind of Attention

With hookups, the attraction is entirely physical. This means that you need to make more of an effort with your photos. Now, all of your photos shouldn’t be of you shirtless or flexing. But, they should highlight and showcase your most attractive physical qualities.

Remember to dress attractively – wear clothing that suits you and your body type. Steer clear of goofy images, but relaxed and casual photos will serve you well.

It is really important for all of your photos to be up to date. From physique to facial hair, your photos should be a mirror reflection of you. If it has been some time since you have updated your photos, now is the time to arrange a few different photo shoots.

Be Upfront

If you are looking for casual relationships, then it is important to be upfront. In your bio, mention that you are looking to date casually and don’t want anything serious. However, make sure to leave it at that. Avoid saying anything explicit.

Don’t be afraid to give your bio a bit more depth, though. Most women do want to know that there is more to a man than just his looks. Even if they are up for a casual relationship, they are more likely to be interested in someone who seems charming and interesting.

So, you can give people some insight into your personality. You can even add information about interests, hobbies, etc. The more well-rounded you are, the better your chances will be.

Don’t Rush Things

Just because you are looking for a quick fling, doesn’t mean that you should get straight to the point. Your bio will indicate what you are looking for so anyone who does reach out to you or respond to your messages will know the score.

So, prove that you are a decent guy by holding a proper conversation with your match. Get to know them a little so that they feel more comfortable with you. In turn, they will be far more receptive to meeting you in real life.

Remember to always let the women make the main decisions like when and where to meet. They may be hesitant or want to postpone meeting for a bit. That’s fine, it is best to follow their schedule as it ensures them that you are safe and to be trusted.

Yes, you can look for casual relationships online without coming off as a creep. Just make sure to pay attention to the tips and tricks mentioned above. These should help quite a bit with keeping you ahead of the crowd and more accessible to women.

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