How to Find Better Hookup Partners

So, you’re all about casual relationships but you aren’t happy with the hookup partners that you keep ending up with. What’s going wrong and are you doomed to be stuck in this cycle forever?

Not at all! It is possible for you to find a better quality of hookup partners if you are tired of the same ol’ people. Of course, you do need to know all the tricks involved in finding the right person for you. For this, check out the top tips below:

Check Out the Right Sites

First things first, you need to make sure that you are on the right sites. This is because dating and hookup sites aren’t created equal. Some are just too easy to get into. As such, they attract a number of creeps or people who aren’t really good at hookups.

This is why you need to always register with sites like On the one hand, these sites are designed for quick flings. As such, you can forego the whole discussion about keeping things simple. At the same time, the sites do require additional information from their user base.

Since there is a bit more effort involved, you can typically expect a far better group of people. In turn, you can automatically expect your hookups to better as well.

Be Selective

Most people are under the impression that you don’t really have to go through a selection process with hookups. Rather, you simply jump at the first chance that you get. This, however, can lead to some pretty poor partners.

The truth is, that you should be a little picky when it comes to potential hookup partners. It is important that they are on par with what you find attractive. This is true for both physical and personality traits. When someone is attractive to you on paper, it helps for this to transcend into the real world as well.

So the next time that you are going through profiles, be honest with yourself. If you aren’t attracted to someone, it is better to hold off until you find a better fit for you. 

Get on the Same Page

Just because two people are in agreement about having hookups, doesn’t mean that you have the same kind of hookup in mind. In many cases, people tend to be on different pages regarding schedules. Some may want more regular hookups while others are looking for something semi-regular.

To avoid future misunderstandings talk about your schedules. Give your match and outline of when you would like to meet up and see if this works for them and vice versa. This may not seem like a very sexy step, but it definitely makes things work more smoothly.

By figuring out each schedules, you won’t annoy each other with unnecessary texts or calls. Instead, you will know exactly when to meet up and to plan accordingly.

Meet Up First

There is nothing wrong with a first meeting that is also a hookup. Still, it is a good idea to meet up beforehand. It doesn’t have to be a date, but go ahead and grab a drink beforehand.

This is a good idea for a few different reasons. First, you can make sure that the person looks just the way that they have portrayed themselves online. By meeting in real life, you can also confirm whether or not the two of you are actually attracted to each and other and whether there is any chemistry.

Such a tactic will also give you an idea whether you feel safe around that person. After all, inviting strangers over to your place can be daunting. Getting a read on someone first can help to put you at ease.

Meeting up ahead of time can also prevent any regrets or awkwardness later on. See if the two of you feel compatible. If you do, go on and move to the next step. Otherwise, you can just part ways amicably without any hurt feelings.

It is possible for you to have better hookup partners. Follow the tips and guidelines mentioned here and you should be pretty happy with the results. Not to mention, you can ensure that you have a great time with your hookup partner each and every time.

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