La tua guida per barare fuori città - 7 cose che dovresti fare

If you’re looking to have an affair, there’re many ways to cover your tracks. This is especially great if you’re planning on hooking up with someone out of town. In this article, we’ve run through 7 things you should do to ensure the best out-of-town experience.

Get Your Bases Covered

To begin with, what does your loved one think you’re going to do? You need to give her a valid reason for going out of town.  You could say work, but this is an excuse that everyone uses.

If your friends know you’ve been unfaithful, you can get them to help. They can act like you’re leaving for a guy’s weekend, which she would buy.

Pick the Right Town

As you’re in a foreign location, you may think you’re free to do whatever you want. The universe works mysteriously, so a loved one may also be visiting the town you’re in. If you and the person you’re cheating with are out and about all the time, the chances of them catching you are high.

When choosing a location, make sure it’s one that no one you know is visiting. You can make sure of this by asking around. Of course, don’t ask questions that would make people suspicious.

Don’t Take Your Credit Card with You

Credit card bills are easy ways to get caught. The moment you spend on something, it gets added to your bill. Don’t forget that they show up at your home, where your partner lives.

Not using your card the whole trip is a great idea. If you must bring it, carefully consider everything you’re using it on. If it’s a box of chocolate and champagne, your wife would be able to figure things out.

Never Take Pictures

You and your hook up are going to have a lot of fun, which is why you’d want to save the memories. After all, the chances of you seeing her again are low. However, this is one of the worst things you could do. A cheater knows to never leave evidence behind.

This doesn’t just mean photographs. You may take something of hers back home, to remember her by. There are only so many places you can hide it in. You’re bound to get caught.

Be Careful with Who You’re Cheating With

Sites like allow people to have affairs. There are many sites like this, making it easy to meet someone in the town you’re in. However, be careful. You need to vet the person you’re going to cheat with.

She may be someone who’s up to something sinister. She may try and blackmail you and even follow you back home. How exactly do you get your hook-up? By talking to them before the special occasion.

Never Give Her Private Information

When you’re hooking up with someone who’s up to no good, don’t give your date your private information. If you tell her where you live, she could track you down. If you must tell her your name, be careful to not mention your middle and last name. It lets her find you online, which is a way for her to contact your family and friends. She can even find out where you work.  

Are All of Your Devices Connected?

You’ll be talking with your hook-up before you meet her. Although you may be talking on a dating app, you might add her on Facebook, or another social media platform. Remember that some of your devices are back home. You probably have accounts, like your Facebook, connected to them.

Whatever you do, log out of them before you leave. Your partner will probably snoop around. You may have locks on your electronics, but make them extra secure. This eliminates the risk of your loved one ever finding what you’re up to.


Whether your relationship is boring or you just want to spice things up, having an affair is always a good move. It’ll be especially spicy if you have it out of town. It brings a lot of secrecy and excitement to the occasion. However, cheating when you’re away requires you to make sure of a few things. These ensure the smoothest possible experience.

You’ll have to make up the best excuse. If you need to go out of town for something and use it as an excuse to have an affair, you’re golden as your partner would never doubt you going away.

Once there, be careful to not just hook up with anybody. They could be someone with malicious intentions. You can protect yourself by hiding your personal information and vetting the person you’re planning to hook up with.

Before you leave home, ensure that you’ve logged out of all your social media accounts. Especially make sure your devices are locked – you don’t want your partner snooping around.

As you can see, there are many things to consider. We’ve discussed some of the best, most important tips to follow.

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