Kuinka brittiläiset miehet eroavat muusta?

Whether you’re an expat or a tourist in the UK, you will find that British guys are rather peculiar compared to men from other countries. Before you go on a date with one, check out our article to find out what you need to know in advance.

They like Their Alcohol

If you’re an American, you might be used to strict alcohol consumption laws. In the UK, you can legally drink from the age of 16. This would explain the drastic difference in how American and British men view drinking.

Not only could you be taken to a pub for your first date, but the guy you’re meeting might consume more alcohol than you’d expect.

Less Social Constrains

Brits don’t care much what others think of them. British society doesn’t have any strict customs and rules that they abide by. Chances are that the guy you’re seeing is more open-minded than most.  Any girl would want this.

You Might Not Be the Only Girl Around

The hook-up culture in the UK is quite big. Know that you might not be the only girl he’s seeing. Maybe you aren’t into anything serious, so there is nothing wrong with him seeing others.

Sivustot, kuten pyyhkäisy-tapaus are very popular in the country. Several men in relationships are looking for some fun on the side. A lot of couples might be looking for a lover to spice things up, and will use these platforms.

He Might Swear a Lot

British men are usually gentlemanly. However, they’re from a culture where it is normal to swear. Curse words used in the UK may be used in a different context where you’re from. This may lead to you getting offended by some of the things your date says, which shouldn’t be the case.

Depending on which part of the island he’s from, the words and phrases he uses will differ. You might hear some things that are unique to his dialect pop up.

He Might Be Cold

Men from the UK are reserved when it comes to their feelings. This may be partly due to the cold and gloomy weather that they are always dealing with. Women from the UK are pretty closed off too.

It’ll be hard for you to learn more about his emotions. Getting to know his view on various topics might not only leave you frustrated, but you might come off as rude.

As you can imagine, being overly expressive with your feelings might make your date uncomfortable. So try not to get over emotional around him as it might put him off.

Be Bold

English guys are usually afraid of rejection. That’s why they don’t chase women as much as their Spanish or French counterparts. When it comes to the man you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to make the first move. Of course, don’t be too bold, either. You might say something that’ll scare him away.

You’ll have to Deal with a Sweet Tooth

Something you should know about British men is that they love all things sweet. The United Kingdom has a rich history of candy making, and “sweets”, as they call it, are a favourite amongst the natives. When you’re on a date, don’t be surprised if he indulges in desserts.

He’ll Love Sports

Brits are also obsessed with soccer. If you’re meeting him at a pub, it would most likely have a soccer match playing on the TV. Yes, his eyes would dart towards it frequently. Many British men are fans of cricket too, so it might help if you have a passing familiarity with these games.

Lopulliset ajatukset

When it comes to dating British men, you could either be very successful or less so, depending on your approach. Of course, not all UK men are alike, but try to stick to topics that you know they’d be interested in. If you try to appeal too much to their feelings or become over-emotional, you might make them uncomfortable. You’ll also come off as rude if you don’t respect your date’s boundaries and tell him what to do.

However, the advantages of dating British guys are numerous. You’d quickly realize how open-minded they are, along with having a willingness to try out new things.

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